Nabil Bank and NIC Asia Bank rises by more than 15%; Banking sector remains top gainer; Naasa Securities remains top buying and selling broker (Weekly Wrap Up)

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253.15 points volatility was witnessed this week, with the market reaching the highest 2127.22 and the lowest 1874.07. NEPSE index gained 6.12 points (0.30%) in this trading week. Last Week's market closed at 2032.51 points and this week closed at 2038.63 points on Thursday.

Candlestick pattern:

Two green candles and three red candles were formed this week.

Exponential Moving Average:

We have used EMA's of 5 days’ time period (blue line), 20 days' time period (red line). At present, NEPSE Index is below 5 days EMA but above 20 days EMA. Values below shorter moving average signals for earlier indication of possibilities of starting of bearishness, but still need to wait till Nepse to close below 20 days EMA.

Moving Average Convergence and Divergence:

MACD line (blue) and the signal line (red line) are in Positive zone.  Signal line have crossed the MACD line, this indicates a bearish signal but still need to wait for more confirmation.

Fibonacci retracement:

A Fibonacci retracement refers to areas of support or resistance. The indicator is useful because it can be drawn between any two significant price points, such as a high and a low, and then the indicator will create the levels between those two points.

The Fibonacci retracement levels are

23.6% - 1889

38.2% - 1747

50% - 1632

78.6% - 1354

100% - 1146



Support and resistance level for next trading week according to Pivot Point.

Pivot Point- 2013 point

1st Resistance- 2152 point                1st Support- 1899 point

2nd Resistance- 2266 point               2nd Support- 1760 point

3rd Resistance- 2932 point              3rd Support- 1633 point

Conclusion:  High possibility of formation of triple top chart pattern in 2090. A buying opportunity will be created after the NEPSE Index closing above 2100.

Listing of the Week:

Weekly Market Summary of NEPSE:

More than 6.10 crore unit shares of worth Rs 34.71 Arba has been traded through 2.99 lakh transactions this week. The current market capitalization of NEPSE stands at Rs. 2,742,178.51 Million.

Sector-wise breakdown of the turnover of this week:

The commercial bank's sector made 34.59% of the total turnover this week followed by the Life Insurance sector with 21.43% of the total turnover.

NEPSE index and Sub-indices performance: (Increment here is based on the previous week closed value)

The NEPSE index increased by 0.30% this week. The top loser sector of this week is the Others sector with a fall of 5.71% followed by the Microfinance sector with a fall of 3.93%. The top gainer sector of this week is the Banking sector with a rise of 3.63%.

Stock with the highest monthly Beta value from the Microfinance, Insurance & Hydropower

Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (NLIC) has the highest monthly Beta value of 1.63 followed by National Life Insurance Company Limited (NLICL) and Neco Insurance Company Limited (NIL) with 1.58 and 1.50 beta value respectively.

Top Ten Gainers of the week:  

Nic Asia Bank Limited (NICA) is the top gainer of this week. Nic Asia Bank closed at Rs 827 with Rs 137 (19.86%) increment.

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Top Ten Losers of the week:

Narayani Development Bank Limited's (NABBC) price has decreased by 36.21% and its LTP stands at Rs 377.

Top Stocks by Turnover, Volume, and Number of Transaction:

Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (NLIC) is the top traded company of the week. A total of Rs 4.69 Arba worth of NLIC shares were traded this week.

Top Buyers Brokers of the Week:

Naasa Securities Co.Ltd (Broker No- 58) was the top buyer broker of this week and it has bought stocks worth Rs 2.61 Arba.

Top Buyer Brokers Top 10 Bought Companies:

Top Seller Broker of the Week:

Naasa Securities Co.Ltd (Broker No- 58) is the top seller broker for this week. The brokerage firm has sold stocks worth Rs 1.73 Arba.

Top Seller Brokers Top 10 Sold Companies:

Top 10 Companies with the Highest Market Capitalizations:

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Major Events, News of the Week:

Srijana Finance Limited (SFFIL) Proposes 14.27% Dividend for FY 2076/77; Why is the trading of the company halted?

Friday at 11 AM: IPO Allotment of Prabhu Life Insurance Limited

Nagarik Stock Dealer calls its very first AGM; What are the agendas?

Hydroelectricity Investment and Development Company (HIDCL) calls AGM; What happened to the 100% Right shares issue?

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Bank of Kathmandu allots its 8.5% Bank of Kathmandu debenture 2086; debenture with stable interest yield received below-average response from general public with application for just 65K units

Three Finance Companies Call AGM on Poush 29; When are the individual book closure dates?

NMB Bank Limited (NMB) calls AGM on Poush 29; Agenda to Endorse Dividend and Approve Capital Increment

Nepal Bank Limited (NBL) calls AGM to Endorse Dividend and Elect Board Members; When's the book closure?

Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited (NRIC)'s AGM to elect two board members; When's the book closure?

Global IME Bank (GBIME) and Prime Commercial Bank (PCBL) call AGM on Poush 29; When's the book closure date?

Surya Life Insurance (SLICL) calls AGM on Magh 05; When's the book closure for AGM and Dividend?

Sadhana Laghubitta (SDLBSL) revises Dividend; NRB grants approval to only distribute 18% Bonus shares

Nabil Bank (NABIL) calls AGM on Poush 29; When's the book closure for 35.26% Dividend?

Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (NLIC) Proposes 51% Dividend for FY 2075/76; How much in bonus shares and cash?

Shree Investment Finance (SIFC) calls AGM on Poush 29; When's the book closure for AGM and Dividend?

Mero Microfinance Laghubitta (MERO) calls AGM on Poush 28; When's the book closure for 17.83% Dividend?

Prabhu Insurance (PRIN) auctioning 7,35,000 units promoter shares from Poush 07

Ngadi Group Power Limited (NGPL) Proposes 10.526% Dividend; Calls AGM on Poush 28 to propose 30% Right shares issue

Coca-Cola and Santa Claus; What’s there in between these two popular brands?

CDS & Clearing Limited (CDSC) calls AGM on Poush 27; Agenda to Endorse 15% Cash Dividend

National Life Insurance Company appoints Mr. Suresh Prasad Khatri as Acting CEO; decision comes after former CEO Basnet completes his tenure

Prime Commercial Bank (PCBL) Proposes 15% Bonus shares for FY 2076/77

NMB Bank Limited (NMB) proposes 13% Bonus shares and 3.2% Cash Dividend for FY 2076/77

Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank (NCCB) Proposes 10.2695% Bonus shares and 0.5405% Cash Dividend for FY 2076/77

Butwal Power Company (BPCL) Proposes 10% Bonus shares and 15% Cash Dividend for FY 2076/77