Write For Us

After all these years of service, we at Sharesansar are proud to have created a wonderful community of investors in the country. 

It is now your chance to make your voice heard and be a superhero. Sharesansar invites people from all walks of life to write about the stock market, wealth, economy, and anything that our readers will enjoy. 

Benefits of submitting your writing at Sharesansar:

1) We have hundreds of thousands of readers who visit our portal on a daily basis. If you want your voice to be heard among Nepal's investment community, there isn't a better platform than Sharesansar. 

2) We allow writers to include their picture, an email address, or a link to their own website. There isn't a better way than this to connect with like-minded people and upgrade your credibility. 

However, our team will make sure that the link you want to include will add value to our readers. Our team reserves the right to include or ignore the link, depending on whether our readers will benefit from it.

3) Your content will live on our portal forever. Read this again.

Submission Requirement and Guidelines:

1) Be creative. We accept research articles, humor content, opinion piece, and whatnot. It just should be properly written and relevant to our field of interest. 

2) Send your work to sharesansar@gmail.com with the Subject line: "Content Submission". 

Include a Word file attachment for your main content. Include media files if needed. We might make minor changes to the title to represent your work in the best possible way. 

3) Do NOT submit content that is already published on other platforms.

How This Works

Our Media and Publishing Department will go through your article. We are extremely careful to ensure that our readers get the most value out of perfectly edited content. 

Due to the volume of submissions that we receive, we may not reply to each of the submissions to provide personal comments and feedback. Nevertheless, we want to highlight the following points:

1) Make an effort to run your content through Grammarly before you submit. The free version of Grammarly can be found on the internet or you can also add an extension on your browser. Grammarly makes your editing work a lot easier. You can also ensure that you do not embarrass yourself with a minor typo that changes your "its" to "it's."

2) Web content is a bit different from ordinary literature. Readers have a short attention span on the internet. To be on the safe side and make sure that readers read your article completely, try to shorten your paragraphs. Add variety to the length of your paragraphs. It is easier to read a finely spaced piece of content than an article concluded on few, bulky paragraphs.

Note that we are not asking you to send us an extremely short piece of content. Just break your paragraphs into small, readable chunks. In the writing community, this is called "giving your writing some white space and a chance to your readers to take a breath."

3) Do NOT send us your first draft. We do not like to reject the content for which you dedicated so much time and effort. However, we can't publish content that has a lot of grammatical errors, has poor writing, or is factually incorrect. Take time to review your content multiple times. 

4) Be respectful in your tone of writing and be extra careful to ensure the accuracy of facts. If you are a fundamental analyst, do not berate those who read charts or draw trend lines and vice versa.

Sounds fair enough? Send us your work now! Our editors are hungry to make you a superhero.