NRB Quarterly Review on Monetary Policy Unlikely to Keep Fiscal Stability-Chamber

Tue, Nov 29, 2022 10:06 AM on Featured, Economy,

The Nepal Chamber of Commerce has noted that the recent arrangement made by the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) through the quarterly review of the monetary policy could not keep fiscal stability in the country.

The Chamber has drawn a conclusion that the quarterly review along with the squeezed monetary policy could not address the problems that surfaced in the financial sector.

"The Chamber was hopeful that the quarterly review of the monetary policy could possibly address the domestic economic risks", stated a release issued by the Chamber. "Though the country witnessed some improvements in the external sector there had been risks in the internal economic sector", the statement added.

The Chamber claimed that the central bank's latest measure would not help boost the economic dynamics in the country.

Though the spread rate reduction by 0.4 percent would limit the rise in interest rates in the coming days, it has the nominal chance to slash the existing interest rates, the Chamber further commented.

The Chamber has urged the central bank to keep the premium on base rate maximum at two percent while releasing loans by the Bank and Financial Institutions.

It has also been noted that the central bank review on monetary policy would further negatively affect the industrial sector.

The Chamber has cautioned the central bank with the seven-point memorandum. It has also asked the central bank to reduce the existing 8.5 percent bank rate to five percent.