US Dollar Against Nepali Rupee Reaches All Time High; NPR stands at Rs.130.90 against USD

Tue, Sep 27, 2022 11:58 AM on Latest, Economy, National,

The US Dollar has stood at an all-time high as of today against the Nepali Rupee. The selling rate of 1 USD reached NPR 130.90. Likewise, the USD NPR was 129.89 yesterday.

Over the last few months, the dollar has been slowly increasing. The Nepali rupee continues to fall as the dollar strengthens. To exchange one dollar, Nepalis must spend Rs 130.90.

Because of the intensifying confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, the dollar has gained dramatically. The war between Russia and Ukraine has devalued the Indian rupee. The exchange rate of the Nepalese rupee is constant against the Indian rupee. As a result, as the Indian rupee fell, so did the Nepalese rupee.

When the dollar rises in value, only the tourism industry, exporters, and remittance sectors benefit. Although Nepal has a competitive advantage in remittances and exports, the cost of imported items appears to be high due to significant imports. With rising prices, the situation is likely to worsen. The cost of borrowing from foreign donors rises in tandem with the strength of the dollar.