Navigating Financial Frontiers: A Conversation with Parmeshwar Pant, CEO of Himalayan Capital

Wed, Aug 16, 2023 2:23 PM on Interview, Exclusive,

Courtesy: Samyak Shakya

The Sharesansar team had the privilege of sitting down with CEO Parmeshwar Pant, a visionary leader, as Himalayan Capital prepares to unveil its inaugural Mutual Fund Scheme, the Himalayan 80-20. This exclusive interview delved into Pant's extensive personal experience across various sectors, highlighting his journey from a management trainee at the Bank of Kathmandu to his pivotal roles in the Treasury and Financial Markets, Project Financing, and Infrastructure Development. Pant's insights shed light on the evolution of Nepal's capital market, emphasizing the necessity of financial institutions for its growth. His decision to establish Himalayan Capital was underscored by the mission to offer comprehensive financial services under one roof, aligning with the institution's commitment to long-term sector development.

Parmeshwar Pant, the visionary leader spearheading Himalayan Capital, carries a wealth of experience that intricately weaves through the financial and banking sectors. His journey, culminating in the forthcoming launch of the groundbreaking "Himalayan 80-20" Mutual Fund Scheme, exemplifies his commitment to shaping Nepal's financial horizon.

Pant's professional odyssey embarked in 2004 when he assumed the role of a management trainee at the Bank of Kathmandu. Swiftly immersing himself, he spent the subsequent five years immersed in the Treasury and Financial Markets Department. His expertise extended beyond boundaries as he assumed roles as a trader and dealer, adeptly navigating foreign currency exchange while astutely handling investment portfolios.

Transitioning to Kumari Bank, Pant's journey took a dynamic turn. His first four years at the bank were steeped in the complexities of the Treasury and Financial Markets. However, an impactful transition followed as he moved to the Corporate and Credit Department, aligning himself with a pivotal period marked by the acquisition of four development banks. "I also worked to create a unit set-up for project financing for 2-3 years," Pant shared, underscoring his multifaceted contributions to Project Financing and Infrastructure Development. This rich journey equates to an impressive 14-15 years of unparalleled experience within the realm of commercial banking.

The backdrop of the interview is set against the anticipation of Himalayan Capital's inaugural Mutual Fund Scheme. Pant's vision was ignited by the capital market's burgeoning potential, reminiscent of the trajectory of banks a decade ago. "Despite an extended time since the stock market opened, there is still a lack of depth in the capital market, financial tools, and instruments," Pant astutely observed, shedding light on the gaps that demand resolution.

The genesis of Himalayan Capital bears testimony to Pant's visionary insights. "To set up Himalayan Capital, I had a meeting and presentation with the Board of the Himalayan Bank Board, and with their consent and approval, since day one we have been running Himalayan Capital along with my formed Team," Pant recounted. Originating as a Consulting Agreement under Himalayan Bank, the institution swiftly evolved, marking Pant's commitment to crafting a comprehensive platform.

Pant's aspirations transcended the establishment of Himalayan Capital. "I feel that for the growth of the capital market and the financial sectors, institutions such as these are imperative as it will ensure the advent of depth in the capital market," he asserted. His commitment to building a holistic ecosystem shines through, underscored by his realization of financial institutions' pivotal role in the sector's expansion.

Navigating the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pant's unwavering commitment remained undeterred. "We do not want to be an average player but we want to work for the growth and development of the whole industry," he emphasized. This steadfast resolve mirrors Himalayan Capital's ethos, reflecting Pant's dedication to sustained sector-wide progress.

The resonance of Pant's journey echoes in Himalayan Capital's impending Mutual Fund Scheme launch. His unparalleled experience and resolute vision position the institution as a trailblazer, poised to redefine Nepal's financial landscape. In the same vein, Pant's commitment to providing Himalayan Bank's customers a unified financial experience is a testament to his holistic approach to industry development.

Himalayan Capital Limited is issuing the closed-end mutual fund scheme "Himalayan 80-20." The issue is set to open on 32nd Shrawan to 4th Bhadra, 2080. If not subscribed fully by the early closing date, the issue can be extended till Bhadra 15.

(The complete interview, in which Himalayan Capital CEO Parmeshwar Pant elaborates on the essential aspects of the "Himalayan 80-20" and the company's steadfast commitment to delivering pledged dividends, along with the strategies employed to ensure the same, will be published tomorrow.)