Sahas Urja (SAHAS) Surges with 112.33% Rise in Q2 Net Profit, Generates Impressive Rs. 1.53 Arba Revenue from Power Sales

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Sahas Urja Limited (SAHAS) has unveiled its second-quarter unaudited report for FY 2080/81, showcasing an impressive 112.33% increase in net profit. The company's net profit soared to Rs. 45.86 crores in this quarter, marking a substantial rise from Rs. 21.59 crores in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

SAHAS reported impressive revenue from power sales, amounting to Rs. 1.53 Arba during this quarter. Despite incurring finance expenses of Rs. 64.76 crore and administrative expenses of Rs. 4.94 Crore, the company's financial position remains strong, maintaining retained earnings at Rs. 2.6 Arba, with a share capital standing at Rs. 3.5 Arba.

The report includes a 24.67% increase in long-term loans, reaching Rs. 10.42 Arba.

The Solukhola (Dudhkoshi) Hydroelectric Project (83 MW) under the company's management, has successfully moved into commercial production post-construction. With a focus on shareholder interests, the company has chosen to invest in and promote the financially and technically suitable Budhigandaki Hydropower Project (PROR Type) with a capacity of 341 Megawatts.

The annualized earnings per share (EPS) for SAHAS stands at Rs. 26.21, with a net worth per share reported at Rs. 174.40. The P/E ratio is reported at 21.52 times.

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Major Highlights:

Particulars (In Rs '000) Sahas Urja Limited
Q2 2080/81 Q2 2079/80 Difference
Paid Up Capital 3,500,000.00 3,500,000.00 0.00%
Retained Earnings 2,603,865.33 2,314,446.25 12.50%
Long-Term Loans 10,426,172.51 8,363,249.54 24.67%
Property, Plant & Equipment 141,027.71 213,258.50 -33.87%
Revenue from Power Sales 1,533,670.84 0.00 -
Administrative Expenses 49,459.78 1,716.00 2782.27%
Finance Expenses 647,643.13 328,957.46 96.88%
Net Profit 458,630.89 215,995.49 112.33%
Annualized EPS (In Rs.) 26.21 12.34 112.33%
Net Worth per Share (In Rs.) 174.40 166.13 4.98%
Qtr end PE Ratio (times) 21.52    
Qtr End Market Price 564 - -