Prudential Capital and Shree Ganesh Properties Auctioning 2,76,820 Units Promoter Shares of National Life Insurance Company

Thu, Aug 4, 2022 11:43 AM on Latest, Auction,

Prudential Capital Management Company Pvt. Ltd and Shree Ganesh Properties and Investment Pvt. Ltd are auctioning the promoter shares of National Life Insurance Company Limited Promoter share (NLICLP) from 19th Shrawan and will conclude on 25th Shrawan, 2079 at the end of banking hours.

2,76,820 units promoter share will be auctioned. From total 2,76,820 units; Prudential Capital will be selling 2,01,820 units and the remaining 75,000 units will be sold by Shree Ganesh Properties and Investment.

The general public, companies, and institutions are all eligible to bid in the auction. Rs. 350 is the minimum bid rate for the auction. While the minimum bid quantity is 5,000 units, there is no upper limit for both shares. Although bidders can bid for the entirety of the issue, they are required to abide by Beema Samiti's rule to not exceed the specified quantity of shares per entity.