Mutual Fund of Himalayan Capital Report Surge in NAV and Net Profit in Kartik

Fri, Dec 1, 2023 11:36 AM on Latest, Mutual Fund,

"Himalayan 80-20 (H8020)" has published its monthly NAV report for the month of Kartik. It is a 10-year closed-end mutual fund scheme managed by Himalayan Capital Limited.

According to the financial report, the mutual fund scheme’s NAV stands at Rs. 10.02 as of Kartik's end, 2080 which was Rs. 9.99 in the previous month.

The scheme, which began with a fund size of Rs.1 Arba, has invested Rs. 4.96 crores in the shares of listed companies and Rs. 22.81 lakhs in non-listed shares. It has invested Rs. 14.99 crore in fixed deposit schemes and has invested Rs. 73.70 crore in the bank balance.

Himalayan 80-20 posted a net profit of Rs. 21.09 lakhs in the month of Kartik. However, it posted a net loss of Rs. 5.62 lakhs in the month before that.