CEO of Rastriya Beema Company, Mr. Bir Bikaram Rayamajhi tenders his resignation effective from 20th Poush

Fri, Dec 28, 2018 3:49 PM on External Media, Latest, Others,

The CEO of Rastriya Beema Company (RBCL), Mr. Bir Bikaram Rayamajhi, has resigned from his post. He furnished his resignation effective from 20th Poush 2075.

As per the sources, he had furnished his resignation letter on 20th Kartik as information about resignation must be informed three months before as per the terms of employment. Mr. Rayamajhi has said that this decision was a result of difference in opinion with the BOD on some matters.

The finance ministry had established a performance evaluation committee to evaluate his performance. The committee informed the BOD about the unsatisfactory performance of Mr. Rayamajhi as the CEO of the company. As per the report, Mr. Rayamajhi’s actions and decision have been questionable and subject to investigation.

Mr. Rayamajhi, who had been appointed as the CEO for a period of four years, had 7 months left in his tenure.