Use full-fledged charting software of SS Pro for LIVE charts analysis – no need to download individual stock data!

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SS Pro comes with an in-built charting and technical analysis software. The charting software is very easy and intuitive for beginners, but powerful and intensive for advanced chartists at the same time. Users can plot more than 10 types of charts of any listed companies in NEPSE, any indices and sub-indices based on real-time updated live data.

Figure 1: Live NEPSE Charting

The chart also comes with already plotted context news and financial events related to the company which can be hidden with the users’ preference.


Figure 2: Plotting trendlines and patterns

This charting system allow the users to select any indicators as per their convenience for analyzing the companies. Below shown is the unadjusted chart of Prabhu Bank (PRVU) using the common indicators MACD, Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) and Volume. This sign is menu for choosing the desired indicators for chart analysis.

Figure 3: Live charting of PRVU with indicators


The highlighted blue ‘E’ indicates the events of the company like listing of right/bonus shares, bid opening/closing of auction, AGM, book closure.

Figure 4: Unadjusted Chart

Above shown is the ‘Unadjusted Chart’ of Prabhu Bank (PRVU). In this chart we can see that the price at the beginning of 2018 was higher and straight down in mid-January. Due to this, it normally seems that the investors who invested in PRVU at the beginning of 2018 are at loss now (i.e. October 2018). However, that is not the case.

For hedging these type of confusion, SS Pro has introduced Adjusted Prices in all companies in its in-built charting software. Historical prices of all companies will be adjusted whenever their price is adjusted in NEPSE due to any bonus share, cash dividend or right share issue. Study of adjusted price instead of unadjusted price helps chartists analyze historical returns easily.

Below shown is the ‘Adjusted Chart’ of Prabhu Bank (PRVU). Unlike in the unadjusted chart above, where the price dropped rapidly in the mid-January, in the adjusted chart it is inclined to increasing trend for the same time-frame.

Figure 5: Adjusted Chart


Save Chart Layout in SS Pro easily

Users can also save their charts, drawings and all analyses by clicking on the "Save Layout" button.

 Figure 6: Saving chart


Further 12 Analysis tools in SS Pro to help you become a PRO investor in Nepal

Apart from Charts Analysis, SS Pro comes with further 12 tools to help investors make informed investment decisions. It includes free built-in portfolio tracker, advanced fundamental and technical analysis tools, Nepal's 1st Market Confidence Meter, Nepal’s 1st Investment Worth Calculator, Monthly Stock and Indices Forecasting Tool and many other features to help Nepali stock market investors make informed investment decisions.

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