Sunrise Bluechip Fund Allotted to Applicants; Did Everyone Get What They Asked For?

Fri, Mar 26, 2021 3:52 PM on IPO/FPO News, Mutual Fund, Latest,

The IPO allotment has concluded for Sunrise Bluechip Fund.

Sunrise Capital Limited opened the IPO issue of 10 crore units of Sunrise Bluechip Fund from 1st Chaitra. The issue is already closed now. Out of the 10 crore units to be auctioned, 15% units were reserved for fund promoter Sunrise Bank. The remaining 8,50,00,000 units were open for application. Rs. 10 is the par value per unit. The allotment program hasn't concluded yet for the mutual fund.

According to the issue manager, 56,058 applications were received for a total of 12,37,64,540 units. Of the total applications, 53,144 applications were considered valid.

53,138 applicants who demanded from 100 units to 30 lakh units are allotted the entire quantity they applied for. Similarly, 4 applicants who individually demanded 50 lakh units have each got 46,05,026 units. Finally, two applicants who individually demanded 1 crore units have each got 46,05,028 units.

The allotment took place today, i.e. Chaitra 13 in Sunrise Capital at 2 pm.

Applicants can now check their allotment status from