Sanima Large Cap Fund Still in Loss; Sanima Equity Fund's Monthly Net Profit Surpasses 1 Arba Threshold

Thu, Mar 25, 2021 11:08 AM on Latest, Mutual Fund,

"Sanima Large Cap Fund" recently allotted the mutual fund units to investors. It is a mutual fund promoted by Sanima Bank and managed by Sanima Capital.

Since the IPO was oversubscribed, the fund managers increased the total fund size to Rs. 1.2 Arba. "Sanima Large Cap Fund" is a close-ended fund, meaning it can be traded in NEPSE. Furthermore, the fund will mature 7 years after allotment.

The fund has invested Rs. 17.96 crores in the shares of listed companies and Rs. 24.84 lakhs in public issues, right shares, and bonus shares. It has Rs. 8 crore in fixed deposits and Rs. 96.58 lakhs in bonds and debentures. The bank balance of the fund is Rs. 91.41 crores.

Falgun was the fund's second month of investing. It is at a loss of Rs. 72.88 lakhs. The NAV of the fund stands at Rs. 9.94. Last month, it was Rs. 9.97.


Sanima Capital Limited has also published the financial report of the “Sanima Equity Fund” till Falgun, 2077.

According to the report, Sanima Equity Fund's NAV has risen to Rs. 18.46 compared to the previous Rs. 17.63.

The fund has invested Rs. 1.64 Arba in listed shares and Rs. 10.27 crores in public issue, right shares, and bonus shares. This fund has put Rs. 20 crores in fixed deposits and invested Rs. 7.52 crores in bonds and debentures.

Meanwhile, Sanima Equity Fund has Rs. 36.26 crores balance in the bank. The fund saw a net profit of Rs. 1.01 Arba for the month of Falgun. The profit was Rs. 90.26 crores last month.

Click here for the monthly report.