Sanima General Insurance Company to convene second AGM on Magh 24, 2076; BOD to be given authority to facilitate IPO issuance

Tue, Jan 14, 2020 2:43 PM on AGM/Special AGM, Latest, Others,
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The 73rd BOD meeting of Sanima General Insurance Company Limited has decided that the 2nd AGM of the company will be held on Magh 24, 2076 (February 7, 2020) at hotel Yellow Pagoda, Kantipath from 11:30 AM onwards.

The agenda of the AGM is to endorse the audited financial highlights of FY 75/76 and appoints statutory auditor for FY 76/77. The AGM will also appoint one Independent Director to BOD. Further, the BOD will be given full authority to facilitate issue of IPO for the general public.