Saidi Power Company to Issue Shares to Local Residents and General Public; Kumari Capital Appointed as Issue and Sales Manager

Thu, Jul 4, 2024 8:47 AM on Latest, IPO/FPO News, Corporate,

Saidi Power Company Limited plans to issue 1,70,049 shares at Rs. 100 per share to residents and the general public in project-affected areas.

Kumari Capital Limited has been appointed as the securities issue and sales manager for this initiative.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Kushal Thapa, Chairman of Saidi Power Company Limited, and Mr. Puspa Sharma, CEO of Kumari Capital.

The company operates a 999 KW small hydropower project using Saiti river water in the Kaski district, generating electricity since 2079. The power is supplied to the Hemja Baskot substation, with plans for further investments in new projects.