Rumours over rules NEPSE? We can see how effectively rumours overrule and howsoever it tries hard but unfortunately comes to be true

Sun, Mar 22, 2020 10:34 AM on Exclusive,
Rumours ov...

Here, we are stressing about NEPSE to close trading for coming 13 days? But will that be a justice to general investors who invest in stocks for a purpose. When every other not so important factors are asked to be closed, general investors may need money anytime. And as they have invested in stocks they wish to sell it, for any purpose like treatment, basic need fulfillment and what not. Those who don't want to trade might be fine with the halt of trading, because they are none less worried about the situation investors might go through.

With the new Trade Management System(TMS), investors could trade from home, with recent banking charges rule change, investors don't have to visit broker house and hence there is no issue of physical contact between people. Display rooms has been closed, not more then 25 people will be there; in short every precaution could be taken. Because as far as public's concerns, there must be at least a way left.

Going behind rumors might close NEPSE, but just as banking is important, NEPSE is also important for the economics of a country. International stock markets have made different provision for general investors because they value overall about the after effects. They have more of registered cases of this COVID-19 than the suspects found in Nepal, yet none of the international stock market choose to close its trading, instead had chose to continue stock market with provision. Nepal has been in range of this virus, undoubtedly, yet the provision is not worth for, going against investors. But we Nepalese investors had to go against rumours saying NEPSE to halt trading for next 13 days, because it is not in the list of Rajpattra released by Government. Will that just justify this?

As a part of general public investor, I personally feel that there must not be any closure of stock market for, it may demotivate new investors to enter in stock market or may even make some investors exit the market.

Somant Agrawal