Prudential Capital Management Company Auctioning Promoter Shares of These Companies

Fri, Feb 25, 2022 12:06 PM on Latest, Auction,

Prudential Capital Management Company Limited is auctioning the promoter shares of four companies. The auction has opened today, i.e. 13th Falgun and will close on 20th Falgun, 2078.

Individuals, institutions, and existing promoters are all eligible to bid for the auction.

The minimum bid quantity is 2,000 units for all the companies' auctions. Bidders can bid for the entirety of shares. However, bidders are required to abide by Nepal Rastra Bank's rule to not exceed the specified quantity of shares per entity.

These are the details:

Company Symbol

Share Units

Minimum Bid Rate (In rs )

ICFC 48000 195
GBLBS 23,000 375
NLICL 1,00,000 390
NICL 50,000


NIC Asia Capital has been appointed the auction manager. This is the auction notice.