NRB to auction T-bill worth Rs.1.99 arba; Maturities of 91 days and 182 days

Wed, Oct 2, 2019 5:15 PM on Economy, Latest,

Nepal Rastra Bank(NRB) is issuing T-bill worth Rs.1.99 arba on Ashwin 16,2076. These t-bills are being auctioned Thursday on 3:00PM. NRB is issuing the T-bills with two different maturities, 91 days and 182 days.

The T-bill with 91 days maturity period worth Rs.10 crore will mature on Poush 22, 2076 whereas the 182 days T-bills worth Rs.1.89 arba will mature on Chaitra 25, 2076.

Out of the total offered amount, 15% is reserved for non-competitive bidders.