NLG Insurance is closing the auction of 1.61 lakh units shares from today; LTP stood at Rs 648

Thu, Aug 13, 2020 6:58 AM on Latest, Auction,

NLG Insurance Company Limited (NLG) is closing the auction of 81,224.75 units promoter share and 79,853.25 units ordinary shares from today i.e. Shrawan 29, 2077. This auction was opened since Shrawan 22, 2077. The company had issued 60% right shares to its shareholders recently. 

The minimum bid amount has been set at Rs 100, so the bids should be equal to or above Rs 100. Similarly, applicants can bid for a minimum of 100 units and no limit has been set for maximum units. The applicant can attach a good for payment cheque with the bid application or can attach a voucher by depositing the amount. The amount can be deposited at the following account:

Bank Name: Laxmi Bank Limited 
Account name: Laxmi Capital Market Limited
Account number: 00534011266

The bid applications can be received and submitted in the following locations:

Click here for auction notice:

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