Khalti Expands Online Water Bill Payment Service to all Seven Provinces; to have reach over 83 water supply committees in 26 districts

Thu, Feb 27, 2020 11:01 PM on Corporate, Featured,
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Khalti Digital Wallet has expanded its online water bill payment facility to all seven provinces of Nepal. Khalti enabled water bill payment service at 83 water supply committees in 26 districts on Thursday, 27 February to make its presence in all seven provinces.

Now, people from Budhabare of Jhapa in the east to Belauri of Kanchanpur in the west can pay water bill online. Residents of those places no longer need to visit bill payment counters. They can simply go to Khalti app or website, click on the Khanepani icon, select their counter and enter their customer code to pay their monthly drinking water bill within a minute. Also, consumers who are not accustomed to digital technology and those who do not use smartphones can pay bills easily from their nearest Khalti Pasal. With the facility of digital payment, customers can now save their time and money they had to spend while visiting water bill payment counters on a monthly basis.

Speaking about the expansion of water bill payment service to all seven provinces, Sachin Udas, Khalti's Merchant Acquisition Head shared, “Since its inception, Khalti has been continuously working to simplify people's lives through digital payment technology. We are excited to expand water bill payment services to all seven provinces of Nepal. Currently, we have enabled online payment for water bill at altogether 113 water supply committees in 38 districts. Our goal is to extend the convenience of paying bills digitally at all drinking water distribution committees and consumer groups across the nation in 77 districts. We will work tirelessly until we reach this goal.”

Digital payment is seeing an upwardly trend in Nepal in recent times. As per the latest MIS report from Nepal Telecommunications Authority, 72% of Nepal’s population has access to fast speed broadband internet. Broadband and 3G/4G internet have reached many villages. Likewise, the trend of digital banking is also rising. As per the latest statistics from Nepal Rastra Bank, almost 1 crore people have activated mobile banking and almost 10 lakh have activated internet banking services. In this scenario, Khalti expanding its water bill payments to all 7 provinces holds a lot of significance.