Gurans Life Insurance convenes its 10th AGM; endorses 5.25% bonus shares and elects new board unanimously

Fri, Nov 20, 2020 7:40 AM on Featured, AGM/Special AGM,

Gurans Life Insurance has convened its 10th AGM on Mangsir 4, 2077 under the leadership of its chairman Mr. Vivek Duggar.

The AGM has endorsed all the financial reports and highlights of the previous FY as well as the board’s decision to provide 5.25% bonus shares and cash dividend for tax purposes, as per the media statement.

The AGM has also unanimously elected the new board for the company that comprises Mr. Vivek Duggar as the chairman, Mr. Saurav Duggar, Mr. Apach Kumar Yadav, Mr. Sambhu Prashad Subedi, Mr. Vinay Kumar Todi as BoDs from promoter group and Mr. Vishal Kumar Tated from the general public group, as per the media statement.

The 162nd board meet of the newly appointed BoDs held on the same day has also appointed Mr. Vivek Duggar as the new chairman of the life insurance company for the new term, as per the media statement.