Finance Committee meets the heads of investors' associations; Previously submitted 58 points brought under light for strict implementation

Wed, Dec 25, 2019 11:18 AM on Economy, Latest, Stock Market,
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Finance Committee had asked the investors of capital market to provide a list of suggestions for improvement of Nepal's Money and Capital Market. Pursuant to the same, a list of 58 points was submitted and discussions were carried out with heads of various investors' associations on Tuesday Poush 08, 2076.

The 58 points submitted, were also submitted to the committee formed by FM Khatiwada under the coordination of Shiva Raj Shrestha. Therefore, this time the investors have demanded implementation of the points to the letter and spirit.

The points include providing broker license to the banks, capital gain tax, stock dealer/market maker, increasing margin facility, implementing share structure to other companies as well (similar to the ones banks have) and so on. Some of the demands that have been addressed are the implementation of NOTS and the establishment of the settlement guarantee fund.