Civil Bank to auction its unsold 29.92 lakh unit promoter’s right shares from today; Auction open for the third time following lack of interest from the investors

Wed, May 16, 2018 6:59 AM on Auction, Latest, Stock Market,

Civil Bank Limited (CBL) has published a notice regarding the auction of its unsold right shares from Jestha 2, 2075 i.e today till Jestha 9, 2075.The auction has been opened for the unsold 29.92 lakh unit right shares of promoter group.

This is the thrid auction for the right shares of Civil Bank Limited. It was first open for 32.44 lakh unit but it has not been allotted even after auctioning for two times.

Bidders must quote a minimum price of Rs 100 per unit, which means that the lowest bid amount must be more than Rs 100. Interested bidders must bid for a minimum of 100 units of shares.

Laxmi Capital Market Limited is the issue manager for the auction. Interested investors can collect bid forms from Laxmi Capital Market Limited, Baneshwor, Kathmandu and submit their bids within office hours on Jestha 9, 2075.

The bank has urged all the bidders to deposit the bid amount in the account number 00534010757 maintained in the name of Laxmi Capital Market Limited at Laxmi Bank Limited.