At the End of Kartik, Commercial Banks' Deposits Rises by Rs. 16.19 Arba; Which Bank Had the Highest Deposit and Lending?

Wed, Nov 23, 2022 12:43 PM on Latest, Economy, National,

According to the data of Nepal Bankers Association, bank deposits increased by Rs. 16.19 Arba in the month of Kartik. In the month before that (Ashwin) the banks deposit had increased by Rs. 61.64 Arba.

In Kartik, the deposit collection of 8 banks decreased while the deposit collection of all the remaining banks have increased. Among the banks, Sanima Bank deposits have increased the most by Rs. 5.90 Arba. Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited by Rs. 5.76 Arba and Nepal SBI Bank by Rs. 4.36 Arba respectively.

On the other hand, the deposit of Nepal Investment Bank has decreased the most by Rs. 4.67 Arba, while the deposit collection of Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Global IME Bank, Machhapuchchhre Bank, Prabhu Bank and Prime Commercial Bank has decreased marginally.

Banks' lending figure increased by Rs. 1.26 Arba in Kartik. In the month before that, the total lending figure had increased by Rs. 30.04 Arba. Among the banks, the lending of 14 banks have decreased while the rest have increased. Nepal Bank is at the forefront in increasing lending the most with Rs. 2.31 Arba followed by NMB Bank with increment of Rs. 2.28 Arba.

On the other hand, lending figure of Siddhartha Bank decreased sees highest decrement of Rs. 3.49 Arba while NIC Asia Bank reports fall of Rs. 2.19 Arba. Similarly, the deposit collection of rest of the bank has decreased slightly.