At 6% positive circuit, NEPSE is suspended for the day; Rs 40.73 crore turnover in mere 24 minutes of actual trading

Wed, Jul 1, 2020 12:28 PM on NEPSE News, Stock Market, Latest,

On the second consecutive day, NEPSE has witnessed 3 positive circuits one after another in the span of one hour 24 minutes to suspend the trading for the rest of the day. The first circuit breaker was applied at 11:13 AM for the 20 minutes when NEPSE hit 4% upper circuit or 50.15 points to close at 1,310.90 index with Rs 14.39 crore turnover. The second upper circuit was stuck after 3 minutes of market opening at 11:36 PM, when NEPSE increased by 5% or 63.06 points to close at 1,323.81 index with Rs 18.66 crore turnover. However, it took only 8 minutes for the market to suspend the trading for the rest of the day after it resumed at 12:16 PM, when it immediately hit 6% upper circuit at 12:24 PM to close at 1,336.53 index with decent Rs 40.73 crore turnover in the mere 24 minutes of actual trading hour. 

The total turnover amount stood Rs 40.73 crore which was achieved through trade of 1,101,002 units of shares traded through 3,890 transactions trading scrips of 135 listed companies in the process.

Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (NLIC) posted the highest turnover today also at Rs. 6.76 Crore with LTP at Rs.1260 per share. Kumari Bank Limited Promoter share (KBLPO) stood ahead in terms of volume with trade of 4,50,000 units of shares. The LTP of the stock stood at Rs.111 per share. And in terms of highest number of share transactions Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited ( NRIC ) stood ahead with 1102 times.

18 companies increased by almost 10% levels which are CZBIL, SKBBL, CIT, NLICL, RMDC, BPCL, GLICL, SICL, MERO, SBL, NRIC, SCB, SLICL, HGI, NIL, PRIN, HBL and FMDBL. Whereas, out of 135 scrips traded today, only 6 companies traded in red today.

Sensitive Index gained 15.1 points or 5.55% and closed at 287.02 points while Float Index increased 5.62 points or 6.32% and closed at 94.48 levels.

In the individual sector context, other than Hotels, all 11 sectors increased by impressive points. It was led by Banking, Life Insurance,  Non Life Insurance, and Microfinance sector which increased by 7.55%, 7.43%, 6.04% and 4.95% respectively.