Api Power reports 92% surge in net profit with Rs 7.32 crore in third quarter; company’s prospect looks bright with upcoming 40 MW Upper Chameliya project

Mon, May 13, 2019 5:21 AM on Financial Analysis, Latest,
Api Power...

Api Power Ltd has earned Rs 7.32 crore in net profit by third quarter of the fiscal year 2075-76. As per the unaudited financial report, the hydropower company has earned Rs 15.34 crore by selling electricity alone and Rs 19.67 lakh from other sources taking the profit growth to 92% while compared to the third quarter in the previous fiscal year.

Api Power has reported EPS of Rs 8.19 and networth of Rs 106.44.

The company currently operates 8.5 MW Naugad Ghat project and is soon linking 8 more MW of power to the national grid. It is also undertaking the construction of 40 MW Upper Chameliya project