An unheard joy in Nepal; Coca-Cola allowing to print Personalized messages on Coca-Cola labels

Tue, Nov 6, 2018 6:30 AM on Corporate, Latest,

Coca-Cola in Nepal has already been marketing and distributing Coke bottles with special festive labels having sixteen different gratitude messages for this year's Dashain and Tihar festive season. And now, for the first time ever, Coca-Cola in Nepal is taking it up a notch higher by letting the consumers print their individual and personalized messages on the Coke bottle labels instantly. The messages can be as specific and personal as they want. They can also include the name/s of the person/s to whom they want to give the Coke bottle as a present. Coca-Cola believes that with this campaign, consumers will feel a personal connection and bonding with Coke. This campaign is also helpful for the upcoming festivals for consumers.

To provide this service to the general public, Coca-Cola in Nepal has set up Coke booths at different malls and supermarkets in the city. The booths are open at BBSM Patan, Labim Mall, KL Tower, City Center and BBSM-Bhaktapur at different dates. The consumers can visit the booths to submit the message which they want to print on the label and receive the Coke bottle in which their customized message will be printed on the label for free. The campaign has been garnering a good response till now and is expected to attract more consumers.