A Year 2076 BS in review: Microfinance sector is the top gainer; total turnover rises by massive 102.19% and Naasa Securities lead among brokers

Market Review of 2076 BS

The market in the year 2076 BS opened at 1184.02 points and closed at 1251.45 points and has gain 67.43 points (5.70%).

This year market hit the high of 1667.74 points on the Falgun 15, 2076 and the year low of 1102.46 on Mangsir 9, 2076. The difference between the high and low is 565.28 points. This is to be noted in the entire analysis that the NEPSE was remained closed due to pandemic Covid- 19 from Chaitra 10, 2076 onwards,

The statistics of NEPSE in the Year 2076 BS

In the year 2076 BS, a share of worth Rs 1.84 kharba was traded through 22.11 lakhs transactions. The total number of traded shares stands at 55.64 crores. The turnover amount rises by massive 102.19% this year compared to 2075 BS.

The Market Capitalization of NEPSE has increased by 9.41% to Rs 160,019.72 crores from Rs 146,250.77 crore.

The Indices and sub-indices Review:

The price and percentage change of the indices for the year 2076 BS is given below:

NEPSE index rises by 5.70% in the year 2076 BS. The best sector for an investor in 2076 BS is microfinance sector which rises by massive 46.96% whereas hydropower sector rises most by 18.06%.

Months Wise Break Down of the total Turnover:

45.24% of the total turnover came from the months of Magh and Falgun.

The month where the turnover was highest was Falgun were Rs 53.32 arba worth of Shares were traded. The list below shows the table for the same.

Top Stocks by Turnover:

Nepal Bank Limited (NBL) was the top traded company of 2076. More than Rs 8.05 arba worth of NBL shares were traded in 2076.  The amount is more than 4% of the total turnover.

Shivam Cements Limited is the 2nd most traded company of the year. More than Rs 7.89 arba worth of Shivam Cements shares were traded in 2076 BS. 

Top traded company of the respective sector is shown below:

Top Stocks by Number of Transactions:

Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company Limited (RHPL) was the top company based on number of transactions for 2076 BS. 

Top Stocks by Volume:

Nepal Bank Limited (NBL) was the top company based on volume for 2076 BS. 

Top Brokers of the Year 2076:

Naasa Securities (Broker No- 58) was the top broker of the Year 2076 and it's total transaction (buy/sell) amount stood at Rs 20.14 arba.

Top companies with Highest Market Capitalizations: