10 companies with a null transaction in NEPSE today; Will private companies be encouraged to go public?

Wed, Aug 8, 2018 7:11 AM on Latest, Stock Market,

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The motive of listing a company in the stock exchange is not simply to facilitate investors with return. It also depicts that companies get a platform to attain the capital requirement through shareholders. While the motive is being stated, there are several companies in Nepal Stock Exchange which have lost their transaction’s presence out of blue. With a null transaction of these companies, an investment of investors worth Rs 2 arba 64 crore is in halt. This investment sum of 2 arba 64 crore is the representation of 26,439,756 units of listed shares.

The companies whose transaction is null are as follows:


The reason that can be attributed for such incident is the deregulation of manufacturing and production sector.  Besides, companies such as Uniliver Nepal Limited, Shree Ram Sugar Mills Limited, Nepal Lube Oil, Himalayan Distillery, Bottlers Nepal (Terai) and Bottlers Nepal (Balaju) in the manufacturing and production sector are being transacted in the only stock exchange of the country.

Although the direction for private manufacturing companies with paid up above Rs 1 arba has been given, 10 out of 18 companies in this sector have null transaction. The question remains: Will the new companies be motivated to go public?