Unilever Nepal Limited (UNL) Urges Shareholders to Collect Unclaimed Dividend

Wed, Sep 15, 2021 10:52 AM on Latest, Dividend, Bonus & Rights,

Unilever Nepal Limited (UNL) has requested investors who haven't claimed their dividend to do so at the earliest notice. Specifically, the company has urged investors to claim the dividend distributed for the fiscal year 2069/70 and 2071/72.

Investors who fail to claim their dividend within 5 years of dividend distribution will have their dividend deposited to the Investors Protection Fund instead. Sunrise Capital is the company's share registrar. Investors who haven't claimed this dividend should present their share certificate and proof of identity at the share registrar to claim their dividend.

As of writing, the LTP of the company's ordinary shares stands at Rs. 19,650.