Sharesansar Concludes Investment Training at Informatics College, Pokhara

Sun, Feb 20, 2022 11:53 AM on Featured, Stock Market,

Sharesansar has successfully concluded a 2-days investment training program at Informatics College, Pokhara. The program was held on February 17 and 18 (Thu and Fri) last week.

The two-day training program titled "Training on Nepalese Stock Market (Fundamental and Technical Analysis Perspective)" was given by Sandeep Bikram Rana and Sagun Shakya.

Rana, Managing Director at Sharesansar, is a veteran fundamental analyst while Shakya, Executive Director at Sharesansar, is a seasoned technical analyst. Both have been providing investment training in and outside the capital.

Abhinav Dahal, CEO at Informatics College, said that the program was more relevant now than ever, as the interest of students in stocks and investing has peaked in the preset. Dahal remarked that the start of the program from the first day included a general understanding of the capital market, overview, and company fundamentals, which set a well-paced tone for the second day's technical analysis session.

Kedar Bhandari, a student at Informatics College and trainee at the program expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards the college and the trainers for the opportunity. Bhandari specifically applauded Rana's easy-going approach, superior presentation skills, and Shakya's ability to clarify complex topics. From the fundamental session, Bhandari stated that he learned to better connect the dots between fundamental ratios, profitability figures, and financial reports. Meanwhile, Bhandari stated that he has become a more confident analyst, especially with drawing trendlines because of the technical analysis session.

Bhandari entered the stock market as a newbie around 2 years ago, and he has been using the 70: 30 approach, i.e. dedicating 70% of his portfolio to long-term investment and 30% to speculation/ trading. When asked about his experience in NEPSE, he says that he realized learning to exit is as important as learning when to enter, as the recent correction has been hurting his otherwise-profitable portfolio.