Shares of RBCL Now Freed for Trading

Mon, Mar 15, 2021 11:33 AM on Latest, Stock Market,

NEPSE has now freed the shares of Rastriya Beema Company Limited (RBCL) for trading.

The exchange had halted the trading of the company from January 31, 2020. Companies listed in the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) are required to present the audited financial reports and the auditor's report within five months after the end of a fiscal year. Although NEPSE had submitted a request to present the financial reports, RBCL failed to submit the reports on time. Thus, the trading of the company was halted.

Fast forward from that incident, RBCL has now published its semi-annual, quarterly, and various unaudited reports of the fiscal year 2075/76 via its NEPSE login page. The reports are now accessible by the general public and investors. With this update, NEPSE has freed the shares of the company by its decision on Chaitra 01. The suspension lifting is effective from Chaitra 02.

RBCL had an LTP of Rs. 16,670 per share when its shares were halted.