Right Shares Issue to Open: BARUN Issuing 1: 1 Right Shares from Bhadra 06

Wed, Aug 3, 2022 10:33 AM on Latest, Dividend, Bonus & Rights,

Barun Hydropower Company Limited (BARUN) is issuing 26,79,075 units right shares in the ratio 1:1 to its shareholders.

The issue will open from 6th Bhadra, 2079, and conclude on 26th Bhadra, 2079. The company had applied in SEBON to issue the right shares totalling 26,79,075 units at par value of Rs. 100 out of its paid-up value of Rs 26.79 crores. SEBON had then approved the issue on Ashad 15. The current paid-up capital of the company stands at Rs. 26.79 Crore which will increase to Rs. 53.58 Crore after the adjustment of the right shares.

The book closure for the issue of the right shares was on Shrawan 02. Thus, investors maintained before that day are entitled to apply for the right shares.

RBB Merchant Banking Limited has been appointed the issue manager of this right share.