Only One Day Left To Reinvest the Dividend of NIBL Sahabhagita Fund

Thu, Aug 13, 2020 2:34 PM on Latest, Mutual Fund,

Tomorrow is the final date to reinvest the dividend of the NIBL Sahabhagita Fund.

The 80th meeting of the fund managers of NIBL Sahabhagiuta Fund had decided to distribute a 8.25% dividend including tax for the FY 2076/77.

Since NIBL Sahabhagita Fund is an open-ended scheme, investors can reinvest the dividend into the scheme itself via the Dividend Re-investment Plan if they wish to do so. The earlier notice had requested investors to send a request to reinvest by Shrawan 30, i.e. tomorrow.

Investors willing to reinvest their dividend into the fund will have to send an email with the following details:

Send to:
Subject Line: Dividend Re-Investment Plan
Unitholder's Full Name:
Unitholder's BOID:
Unitholder's Contact Number: