NMB Hybrid Fund L-1 distributing 10% cash dividend from today; Unitholders requested to update their account

Wed, Oct 2, 2019 12:49 PM on Dividend, Bonus & Rights, Latest, Mutual Fund,
NMB Hybrid...

NMB Hybrid Fund L - 1 (NMBHF1) is distributing 10% cash dividend to its unitholders including tax for 2075/76.

NMB Hybrid Fund L-1 (NMBHF-1) is a 7 years closed-end mutual fund scheme that began with a fund size of Rs 1 arba.

The notice states that the unitholders will be receiving the dividend from Ashwin 15, 2076 (today). Similarly, unitholders who haven't updated their Demat account or haven't received their units in their Demat account yet, are requested to contact NMB Capital.