NIC Asia Growth Fund reports NAV of Rs 10.10 in Mangsir; Highest investment made in the shares of NMB Bank

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Thu, Dec 27, 2018 8:25 AM on Financial Analysis, Latest, Mutual Fund, Stock Market,
NIC Asia G...

NIC Asia Growth Fund (NICGF), a closed-end 7 years mutual fund scheme managed by NIC Asia Capital Limited with NIC Asia Bank Limited as the fund sponsor, has published its monthly NAV report with Rs 10.10 Net Assets Value (NAV) for the month of Mangsir 2075. The NAV stood at Rs 10.29 in the previous month.

The scheme, which began with a fund size of Rs 83.52 crore, has invested Rs 42.35 crore in the shares of listed companies and Rs 2.70 crore on non-listed companies. It has invested Rs 8.35 crore in fixed deposit schemes.

It has reported net loss of Rs 62.08 lakh for the month of Mangsir which was net profit of Rs 98.20 lakh in the last month.

Out of its total investment in listed shares, NICGF has highest investment of Rs 2.60 crore in 70,512 shares of NMB Bank Limited. It has set aside Rs 28.55 crore as bank balance.

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