NIC ASIA Capital observes its 5th anniversary; brings number of offers to reward its customers for doing business with it

Mon, Mar 7, 2022 6:15 AM on Latest, Corporate,

NIC ASIA Capital has observed its 5th anniversary on Falgun 22, 2078 whereby the merchant banker has expressed gratitude towards all its valued customers for associating with it.

Amid its anniversary celebration, the merchant banker has launched a range of new schemes that include

*50% discount in annual renewal charge for the first year in PMS service

*Fixed annual return of 11.40% for the invested portfolios

*50% discount in exit charge

*Free Demat

*Free meroshare account

*20% more mutual fund to be available while purchasing NIC ASIA Dynamic Debt Fund

*Free Demat accounts till Chaitra's end

*Free Demat accounts to the children age below five years whose a/c renewal charges are to be waived off for the next two years

*Demat renewal charge for five years to be renewed while making payment for four years

*Lifetime Demat renewal with Rs 2500