NIC ASIA Bank to make cheque deposit more convenient for its customers; now fill up an online deposit form and directly visit the nearest branch to deposit your cheque

Tue, Sep 22, 2020 6:50 AM on Latest, Corporate,

NIC ASIA Bank has begun an innovative service to make cheque depositing more convenient and quicker for its customers.

Under the new arrangement, customers can visit where they can get the online voucher for cheque deposit. They will be able to fill up the online voucher, get a deposit code in their mobile number, and visit the nearest branch of the bank for the quick deposit of the cheque, as per the media statement.

The bank currently provides its services to its 22 lakh plus strong customer base from its 326 branches, 467 ATM terminals, 103 extension counters, and 64 branchless banking units throughout the nation.