NIC ASIA Bank to bring massive Rs 4.40 arba debenture program to the floor from Shrawan 6; could be good opportunity for long-term investors wanting to play safe with 10.25% interest on investment

Sun, Jul 21, 2019 11:05 PM on Bonds & Debentures, Featured,

NIC ASIA Bank has proposed upcoming Shrawan 6, 2076 as issue date for its NIC ASIA Debenture 2083-84. The debenture with 10.25% interest yield that is payable semi-annually amounts to Rs 4.40 arba where each unit costs Rs 1000.

The debenture will have maturation period of 7 years where 40% of Rs 4.40 arba i.e. Rs 1.76 arba will be floated for general public.

The debenture will remain open for general public till Shrawan 9, 2076 which could also be extended till Bhadra 3, 2076 if the issue remains unsubscribed. The debenture program is being issued and managed by Sanima Capital, as per the media statement