NIC ASIA Bank launches loan benefit calculator in its website; now look for real time demonstration of benefits in bank’s housing, vehicle and business loans

Wed, Aug 5, 2020 10:11 PM on Corporate, Featured,

NIC ASIA Bank has launched a loan calculator service for the interested customers who would like to borrow its Super Chamatkarik credit schemes at just 8.25% interest.

The bank has been providing three loan schemes in housing, vehicle and business sector for which the borrowers can visit bank’s website, input data on their loan amount and interest and check about the benefit they would receive while utilizing the bank’s cheap credit facility.

Customers can also place a loan application online and the bank shall provide decision within 48 hours, as per the media statement.

The bank currently provides its services to its strong customer base from its 326 branches, 465 ATM terminals, 101 extension counters and 64 branchless banking units throughout the nation.