"NIBL Samriddhi Fund - II" Subscribed 112.3% By Third Day Yesterday; Today is the Last Day to Apply

Thu, Apr 29, 2021 11:42 AM on Latest, IPO/FPO News, Mutual Fund,

"NIBL Samriddhi Fund - II" has already been oversubscribed on the third day yesterday. Today is the last day to apply for the issue.

NIBL Ace Capital Limited opened the IPO issue of "NIBL Samriddhi Fund - II" from 13th Baisakh. The issue will close on 16th Baisakh, 2078 i.e. today.

NIBL Samriddhi Fund - II is a mutual fund scheme worth Rs 1.2 Arba. Considering that each unit of a mutual fund has a face value of Rs. 10, twelve crore units have been issued.

NIBL Samriddhi Fund - II is a closed-end mutual fund scheme with a maturity period of 10 years. Out of the total 12 crore units, 10 lakh units have been reserved for the issue manager NIBL Ace Capital. Similarly, 2.3 crore units have been reserved for the fund promoter Nepal Investment Bank. The remaining 9.6 crore units have been issued for the public.

According to the issue manager, the issue has received 56,102 applications for a total of 13,47,57,220 units. This is the data as of the third day. By this time, the issue was subscribed to about 112.3%, hence being oversubscribed by 12.3%.

Investors can still apply for a minimum of 100 units and a maximum of 1.20 crores before the end of banking hours today.

The issue manager claims the issue has attracted huge individual & institutional investor attraction. The fund manager is also confident it has been able to aware and attract investors towards the overall mutual fund sector in the country.

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