NIBL Ace Capital Asset Under Management Reaches Rs 4 Billion

Sun, Jan 29, 2023 12:15 PM on Featured,

NIBL Ace Capital Limited, one of the leading merchant banking and Investment banking company, has been providing various financial services to its client throughout the years. Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is one of these profitable service which has helped many people achieve their goals at best with a well-conceived balance of risk and return.

The Merchant Banking business at NIBL is structured around three distinct groups of businesses which are a portfolio management service (PMS), capital advisory and debt funding, both in Nepal and globally, in addition to its investment banking activities. As of now there are more than 1100 satisfied customers associated with the PMS and along with this customer base, the size of Asset Under Management (AUM) has now reached to 4 Billion.

PMS is a professional service where qualified and experienced portfolio managers construct an efficient portfolio backed with research recommendations. The operation of portfolio is completely administered by the portfolio managers on behalf of their clients. This product aims to create an investment opportunity for all clients associated with the service.

Since the inception of PMS service, NIBL Ace Capital has been providing discretionary and non-discretionary PMS services to its customers.

The company has been successful in achieving this milestone of 4 billion AUM as a result of trust shown by the customers towards the service company. In future, the company is committed to develop PMS as a more sophisticated, technology-friendly, and profit generating service with the support, cooperation, goodwill and trust of customers.