NEPSE proposes 66.67% bonus shares; Paid-up capital to reach Rs 50 crore

NEPSE prop...

Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE) will be proposing 66.67% bonus shares for the FY 2074/75. The regulatory institution will be proposing the bonus shares its upcoming AGM to be convened on Sunday.

With the adjustment of 66.67% bonus shares, the current paid-up capital of Rs 30 crore will increase to Rs 50 crore.

Currently, Nepal Government holds 58.66% holding of the company. Nepal Rastra Bank holds 34.60%, NIDC holds 6.92% and others hold 0.62% holding of the company.

For the FY 2074/75, NEPSE has stated a decrease in its net profit which stands at Rs 26.01 crore in FY 2074/75. In the FY 2073/74, net profit of NEPSE stood at Rs 37.20 crore while the figure stood at Rs 47.49 crore in FY 2072/73.

A decrease in the rate of the commission has been stated as the main reason for the decrease in profit of the company.