NEPSE introduces new Code of Conduct to minimize the risk of Coronavirus infection during its operation

Wed, Aug 12, 2020 10:15 AM on NEPSE News, Stock Market, Latest,

Nepal Stock Exchange has issued a list of provisions to minimize physical movement and reduce the risks of coronavirus infection in all the activities related to the stock market of Nepal.

Here is the summarized version of the provisions translated in English:

Broker companies are encouraged to minimize physical presence/gathering as much as possible during their operation. They are instructed to send all the required documents to NEPSE online in pdf form. Similarly, the bank guarantee that broker companies should present should now be sent via their respective bank through email to the addresses and

Furthermore, broker companies should present the documents for promoter shares trading all at once after all the required documents are collected.

Meanwhile, listed companies should renew their enlistment by paying the enlistment fee via online medium. NEPSE should be informed of such payment via and

Also, the certification of capital gain tax that investors submit via their respective broker should only be submitted after all the documents are collected.

Similarly, broker companies are instructed to follow the precautions forwarded by the government of Nepal or WHO, like physical distancing, use of sanitizers, mask use, fever check, etc. They should also encourage investors to use the online platform to trade their shares.

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