NEPSE Breaks Record and Closes at All-Time High Again; More than a Dozen Companies Hit Positive Circuit

Wed, Jan 20, 2021 3:16 PM on Stock Market, Latest,

The NEPSE index gained 15.87 points today and closed at 2,342.76. This is the highest closing-ever in the history of NEPSE. The index has been breaking records and creating new highs for long, and there seems to be no stopping.

The index opened at 2,361.52 today and made an intraday-high at 2,362.99. Although the index went as low as 2,322.72, it ultimately closed at 2,342.76.

15,981,952 shares traded hands via 53,334 transactions. The trading of 211 scrips brought the total market turnover to a little over Rs. 6.21 Arba. This is lower than yesterday's turnover of Rs. 7.46 Arba. While the float index gained 1.31 points and closed at 160.35, the Sensitive index is at 443.00 after gaining 0.18 points.

Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (NLIC) has the highest individual scrip turnover of a little over Rs. 61.40 crores. The units of Sanima Equity Fund (SAEF) traded the most.

A total of 14 companies have technically hit a 10% positive circuit today.

Meanwhile, Bishal Bazar Company Limited (BBC) lost the most 3.95%.

Seven sectors gained and five others closed red. While Life Insurance gained the most 4.67%, Hotels lost the most 1.12%.