Nepal Doorsanchar Company’s net profit falls to Rs.4.93 Arba by the end of second quarter; revenue from customer stands at Rs.18.03 Arba

Thu, Feb 13, 2020 1:35 PM on Financial Analysis, Latest,
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Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited (NTC) has published the unaudited quarterly report for the second quarter of FY 2076/77 today. The net profits of the company decreased from Rs.4.95 Arba to Rs.4.93 Arba in the second quarter.

The decline in net profit is the result of the decline in revenue from customers. The revenue from customers has decreased from Rs.18.44 Arba to Rs.18.03 Arba.

The paid-up capital of the company remains unchanged at Rs.15 Arba. The reserves of the company fell to Rs.74.36 Arba for the end of the second quarter. The long term investments of the company, which were previously at Rs.10.89 Arba, grew to stand at Rs.12.50 Arba till the quarter-end.

The company has Rs.15.01 Arba as cash and cash equivalents with a decline from Rs.22.75 Arba in the corresponding quarter.

The annualized EPS of the company currently stands at Rs.65.86, which has declined from Rs.66.06 in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. The net-worth per share stands at Rs.595.75 and quarter-end PE stands at 9.79 times.

The government of Nepal is the major promoter of NTC and holds 91.52% shares while the remaining 8.48% of shareholders are the general public. The GoN has recently declared that it will diversify its holdings. Through this diversification, the government wants to bring down its stake to 66% only.