Nepal Clearing House Ltd. Announces Scholarship Campaign to Encourage Online School Fee Payments

Tue, Apr 23, 2024 11:27 AM on Latest, Corporate,

Nepal Clearing House Ltd. (NCHL) has launched a scholarship initiative to promote online school fee payments via connectIPS. This promotion will reward twenty students with scholarships up to Rs. 10,000 or the bill amount, whichever is lower, with the campaign running until the 31st of Baisakh, 2081.

Winners will be announced on the connectIPS website and the scholarship will be credited to the account used for payment. The process for paying school fees online is streamlined through connectIPS, which lists over 700 educational institutions.

Users can easily navigate the connectIPS web or app, select their school, and complete the necessary payment details. Educational institutions can also register on connectIPS to receive fee payments directly into their bank accounts.

ConnectIPS serves primarily banking and financial institution customers, facilitating management of multiple bank accounts and enabling transactions up to Rs. 20 lakhs per transaction on the web and Rs. 2 lakhs on the mobile app.

During the fiscal year 2080/81, it processed transactions totaling over Rs 3,900 Billion in settlement value. Further details about the scholarship offer can be found on the connectIPS website.