NAV Rises, Profit Jumps for Sunrise First Mutual Fund (SFMF) in Falgun

Wed, Mar 17, 2021 8:35 AM on Latest, Mutual Fund,

Sunrise First Mutual Fund (SFMF), sponsored by Sunrise Bank and managed by Sunrise Capital, is a close-ended fund with a maturity of 10 years. The fund has published its monthly NAV report for the month of Falgun. Its NAV stands at Rs 17.07 as against Rs 15.05 during the previous month of Magh.

The fund began with Rs 1 Arba and till Falgun's end, 2077 it has invested Rs 75.02 crore in listed shares and 12.57 crores in bonds and debentures. It has invested Rs 3.31 crores in public issues, rights issues, and bonus shares and has Rs 14 crore in fixed deposits.

The bank balance of SFMF is Rs 37.62 crore. SFMF has reported a net profit of Rs 58.3 crore in Falgun compared to a net profit of Rs 41.08 crores in the previous month.