My Two Cents on Nepali Share Bazar: Aman Sah

Thu, Feb 18, 2021 10:22 AM on Latest, Stock Market,

Aman Sah


Many Traders and investors are very happy as the market is in a bullish trend. It is also believed that the recent monetary policy has given a boom to the share market. Moreover, the number of IPO applicants is increasing at a rocket pace. A bullish trend increases investors’ confidence which also helps traders to book a good chunk of profit.

Market corrections are also a very critical phase for various people as there is a saying that market correction helps to transfer money from an impatient person to a patient person. But in the long-run, the share market always provides good returns. Many youths are also getting engaged with the share market which is also a very positive sign that from an early stage of life they are shaping their financial plan.

The share market has also changed many people's lives in terms of their behavior, wealth, etc. The trader always thinks that when the clock will hit 11 am then they will start their game and at last, they see their portfolio at 3 pm which could be red or green. The important thing of this market that everyone should know is that “Before entering into the market, one should know when to exit." One should not learn to fly a plane without learning to land.

An Opinion Piece by Aman Sah