Mutual Funds of Sunrise Capital Reports Decline in NAV in Bhadra

Fri, Sep 30, 2022 1:05 PM on Latest, Mutual Fund,

Sunrise First Mutual Fund (SFMF), sponsored by Sunrise Bank and managed by Sunrise Capital, is a closed-end fund with a maturity of 10 years. The fund has published its monthly NAV report for the month of Bhadra. Its NAV stands at Rs. 11.32 as against Rs. 12.90 during the previous month.

The fund began with Rs. 86 crores and till Bhadra’s end, 2079 it has invested Rs 58.42 crore in listed shares and 18.07 crores in bonds and debentures. It has invested Rs. 53 Lakhs in public issues, rights issues, and bonus shares and has Rs. 13 crores in fixed deposits.

The bank balance of SFMF is Rs. 17.27 crores. SFMF has reported a net loss of Rs. 2.21 Crores in Bhadra compared to a net profit of Rs. 97.94 lakhs in the previous month.

Additionally, SFMF has recently distributed a 12% cash dividend worth Rs 10.32 crore for the unit holders including the tax amount.


Sunrise Capital Limited has also published the NAV report of Sunrise Bluechip Fund (SBCF).

Sunrise Capital Limited concluded the public issue of 10 crore units of Sunrise Bluechip Fund in Baisakh last year. Out of the 10 crore units to be auctioned, 15% units were reserved for fund promoter Sunrise Bank. The remaining 8,50,00,000 units were open for application. Since the issue was oversubscribed, the fund size was scaled to Rs. 1.25 Arba.

The fund has a NAV of Rs. 8.67 compared to the NAV of Rs. 8.86 in the previous month.

The fund has invested Rs. 60.39 crores in listed shares, Rs. 13.04 crores in debentures, and Rs. 98.55 Lakhs in public issue for the month of Bhadra. The fund has Rs. 16.08 crores in its bank balance. The fund has invested Rs. 17.5 crores in fixed deposits.

The fund is at a loss of Rs. 1.93 Crores in Bhadra. In the previous month, it was at a net profit of Rs 51.7 Lakhs.