Lumbini Bikas Bank's book closure on Poush 23 instead of Poush 18; Who is accountable for this mis-information in an information sensitive market?

Sun, Jan 5, 2020 12:28 PM on Book Closure, Latest, Stock Market,

Lumbini Bikas Bank (LBBL) had published its AGM notice on Poush 08, 2076 stating that the Meeting will be held on Poush 29, 2076. The book closure date mentioned on the notice was not clear as shown in the picture below:

Upon conversation with share registrar, Muktinath Capital, Sharesansar was informed that the book closure is on Poush 18, 2076. However, Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has not adjusted LBBL's price yet.

Therefore, we called Muktinath Capital again today and we were informed that NEPSE has considered Poush 23, 2076 as the book closure date and therefore Poush 22, 2076 will be the last trading day. Being a public company whose shares are traded in a stock exchange, information such as these are very important as they have implications on the price movement of the share. So the fact that no further official notice was published to clear the matter shows incompetence.

Whether it is laziness in part of Capital to issue a second notice that clarified the issue or laid-back nature of NEPSE to not ask a second time, the cost as always falls on the shoulder of general investor.